LAS Minor Courses

Spring 2020

Note that some classes listed below for spring 2020 are not on the list of electives on the previous webpage because the topic of the class or the way they are taught changes from year to year, sometimes incorporating little or no Latin America content.


  • ANT 242: Origins of New World Civilizations, TR 12:30-1:45, taught by Shannon Plank
  • ANT 351-001: Archaeology of South America, TR 9:30-10:45, taught by Renee Bonzani
  • ANT 352-001: Soul and Cosmos in Native America, TR 3:30-4:45, taught by Shannon Plank
  • HIS 206: History of Colonial Latin America, MWF 10:00-10:50, taught by Erik Myrup
  • HIS 355: Topics in Non-Western History, Women and Gender in Latin America, TR 2:00-3:15, taught by Francie Chassen-Lopez
  • PS 428g: Latin American Government and Politics, TR 12:30-1:45, taught by Abby Cordoba
  • SPA 322: Literature, Life and Thought in Spanish America, MWF 10;00-10:50
  • LAS 201: Introduction to Latin America, TR 9:30-10:45